Best Filter For Shrimp Tank – Shrimp Tank Filter [Review & Buyer Guide]

Shrimp can be really sensitive in case of the health of aquarium water than fish. So, providing clean water to your shrimp can be critical to consider if you own a shrimp tank.

Keeping a shrimp tank can be confusing and challenging at the same time, but if you have the best filter for a shrimp tank, your work is half easy.

Aquarium filters are one of the crucial items in the setup section. A filter plays a role in balancing the water temperature, cleaning the water, and creating a better living habitat for the tank habitats.

Shrimp tanks set up are really easy, with a filter in their core. Your work will be really simple if you pick up the right one. But if you pick up the wrong one, it will take no time to make your life hell.

This article enlisted the 10 best shrimp tank filters and a buying guide for your safe buying. Hope you will like it.

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Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter

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palashbd 4.5 starMarineland Penguinview on amazon


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Hygger Sponge Filterview on amazon


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Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filterview on amazon


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Fluval C Power Filterview on amazon


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AQQA Aquarium Fluidized Moving Bed Filterview on amazon


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Aquapapa Corner FIlterview on amazon


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AquaClear HOB Filterview on amazon


What is the Best Filter For Shrimp Tank?

Here is a list of the best filters for shrimp tanks. We made this list from extensive market analysis and from market research.

Pick #1 – Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter Best Inside Shrimp Tank Filter


Tetra Whisper Internal Filter


Basically, some filters can work from outside the tank, and some filters stay inside the tank and do their job. Tetra Whisper Internal filter is an inside filter, and this is the best internal filter we found from our research.

The tetra whisper filter is a perfect fit for a residential-based aquarium. This small thing can handle up to 10-gallon aquariums by itself. For maximum filtration, this particular filter uses a medium-sized bio-bag cartridge.

The Whisper filter is quite like its name. But it properly does its job as well. You won’t lack performance from the tetra whisper. The filter’s motor stays underwater, so you are ensured to have a quiet and vibration-free service.

Also, the filter is really easy to clean as well. Because of its removable lower parts, it makes cleaning a piece of cake. The tetra whispers internal filter’s filtration system covers a comparatively large area that maximizes its purification capabilities.

But this filter has some shortcomings as well. The filter is not durable enough for one. They are built with cheaper options from their competitions. And second, the cartridge of the filter needs to be maintained with care. Or else it will go bad much quicker.

All things considered, the Tetra Whisper Internal Filter is not a bad filter by any means. If you want a quiet and efficient filter, surely look into this one.


See The Tetra Whisper Internal Filter On Amazon


Pick #2 – Powkoo Sponge FilterEasiest To Clean Filter



Powkoo Sponge Filter



Here is a simpler filter for you, The Powkoo Sponge Filter. This is a quiet and basic filter for your shrimp tank. This filter is both capable of mechanical filtration and biological filtration. The mechanical filter is capable of cleaning any debris and non-biodegradable substances from the water.

The sponge of this fantastic sponge filter is totally shrimp-proof. You will not have to worry about shrimps or your smaller fish in the tank. The Powkoo Sponge Filter does its job quietly and stylishly.

It fits inside any tank, and you will not hear any bothering sound from the filter. The filter has a really compact design.

The filter works the same in all types of water. One of the best things about the filter is its 10 layered sponge filter.

More layers of sponge ensure more places to house beneficial bacterias to house. Good bacterias keep the water of the tank crystal clear and non-toxic.

The Powkoo Sponge filter is really easy to clean. Because of its capability to detach every limb part by part. And then you just have to squeeze the filter into untreated water that’s it, you are good to go. The filter can handle any tank in the range of 10 to 30 gallons.

Apart from all the good things, there are some minor cons of the filter. The filter is really big, takes lots of space inside the tank. If you have a small aquarium, it is suggested that you don’t use this particular filter. But if you have a big tank and want a simple filter, this is for you.


See The Powkoo Sponge Filter On Amazon


Pick #3 – Marineland PenguinBest Shrimp Tank Filter For Big Tanks



 Marineland Penguin



The Marineland Penguin uses a three-stage filtration process which ensures a crystal clear aquarium. And it does it on big scales. You can use this heavy-duty filter for aquariums big enough up to 70 gallons.

This wonderful filter is capable of producing a flow rate of up to 350 GPD. The filter has a patented rib back, which helps its mechanical filter clean out debris from the water.

This handy filter has a chemical filter as well. Which will be useful to detoxicate your aquarium water from harmful substances.

The patented BIO-wheel on the filter eliminates any potential harmful ammonia or nitrate. Also, the biofilter boosts up growth of beneficial bacterias by 50%as well.

Also, the bio-wheel is really easy to install. Any newbie to a veteran anyone can install it onto the filter.

The filter is really well built altogether. It is sturdy and does not feel cheap in any sense. Both filters are easy to change and re-equip as well.

And you can use this filter system for both Saltwater aquariums and tropical water aquariums. And the high rate of filtration makes this aquarium a perfect choice for a large shrimp tank.

On top of everything, you will not have to worry about the price also. This Marineland penguin is a perfect buy for your money.

Though it has some negativity as well. The filter does not have any intake controller, so you can not control its flow rate. That is why you can’t adjust the water flow rate. Though it is a great feature to have in hand, it is not a deal-breaker to not adjust the flow rate. So, you can pick this filter packed with features without hesitation.


See The Marineland Penguin On Amazon


Pick #4 – Dennerle Corner Filter – Best Economical Option




Dennerle Corner Filter



An aquarium filter is needed to run 24/7. And the main power source of the aquarium filter is electricity.

Sometimes your electricity bill can stack up just because of a power-consuming shrimp filter. To avoid this occurrence, you can use the Dennerle Corner Filter.

This nano filter just uses 2v of powers to run. The motor is really noise-free. Also, this little thing can pump at the rate of 150l/hour as well. The filter is sleek and good-looking.

But also packs some handy features inside. This is an adjustable filter. That means you can adjust its water flow level at your will, Which will help you a lot towards the economical relief you wanted.

The good things do not end here as well. The filter outlet of this system can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Also, the filter has all the precautions it should have as a shrimp filter system.

Especially this economical filter is 100% baby shrimp proof. The intake of the filter is really narrow. So that they will not catch up to baby shrimps.

Also, the filter is extremely user-friendly. You can easily clean the filter by grabbing the outflowing pipe and removing the filter. The best thing is the rest of the filter stays right in the tank.

So the beneficial bacterias clinging to the aquarium are not exposed to the open air, as from the name, you can guess that this aquarium stays in a corner. So you will not have any hard time hiding it from sight.

By analyzing the Dennerle Corner Filter and its economical prowles and activity, we can easily say the filter is currently one of the best shrimp filters available now.


See The Dennerle Corner Filter On Amazon


Pick #5 – Hygger Sponge FilterThe Budget King Filter



Hygger Sponge Filter



If you ask us to suggest you buy a shrimp tank filter without any information, we would probably suggest the Hygger Sponge Filter. This filter is everything, all at an affordable price.

First, let’s talk about the disadvantages this shrimp pump has. For a starter, this pump is unfit for tanks under 10 gallons. It has some size to it, won’t look well in a small tank.

Then, the sponge on it is not top quality. Your shrimp can’t do harm to it. But if you have a mix tank, then you should change the sponges. And lastly, it does not come with an air pump. So, pick one up if you are going to buy this shrimp filter.

Now, the advantages part, and the Hygge sponge filter has a lot of them. The biggest thing going for the Hygges Sponge Filter is this one is super budget-friendly. And you will be amazed at what this fantastic filter is offering.

The filter has ceramic filter media to promote high amounts of beneficiary bacterias. Also, the filter offers double-sided filtration.

The sponge arrangement of the filter is also world-class. The shrimp filter is even easy to clean as well. The filters offer a fantastic two-stage filtration for your aquarium: mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

There are multiple size options for the Hygger Sponge Filter. You can get one for tanks sizes from 10 gallons to tanks sized up to 40 gallons. And another option for 15-55 gallons tanks.

So, if you want a decent filter for a small price, you can get this.

See The Hygger Sponge Filter On Amazon


Pick #6 – Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister FilterBest Canister Filter



Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter



After talking about sponge filters for a while, here is a canister filter for you guys. The Penn Plax Canister filter is a fantastic fit for both salt and freshwater aquariums. This spectacular canister filter can work up to 265 GPD flow for rate. This filter system can support tanks up to 100 gallons properly.

The setup comes with extra items like a spray bar and filter medium for easy setup. The media buckets of this canister filter are extra-large. Which provides the need for media customizable. For full customization, the filter comes with a directional tubing spout.

The filter media used in this filter are all high quality. Also, it provides a large surface area for bacterias to house. The more beneficial bacterias will be in the tank, the more your shrimp tank will thrive.

The filter is so customizable that you can mix and match media for the perfect result for you. The filter has a coarse sponge. The surface of the coarse sponge lets an abundant surface for the beneficiary bacterias to grow.

And the filter has a long power cable so that you do not need to worry about the filter’s power supply. The base of the filter is super sturdy and stylish too.

It is suggested that if you do not have a lot of time, don’t get this canister filter. Because the filter requires a lot of attention and cleaning. Also, the filters need replacement once in a while. So if you are thinking of an economic shrimp filter, this is not the one.

Suppose the cons mentioned above are not a problem for you. In that case, it’s all green to buy the fantastic Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter.

See The Penn Plax Aquarium Filter On Amazon


Pick #7 – Fluval C Power FilterThe Heavy Duty Champion




 Fluval C Power Filter



If you are looking for a robust and powerful machine to filter your shrimp tank, look at this entry. The Fluval C Power Filter is a filter to admire. It will be not wrong to call this thing a beast too. This powerful machine consists of 5 filtration stages inside it.

The filter is best for 40-70 gallon tanks. It can filter a total of 264 liters of water daily, which is quite insane. The Fluval C creates a prosperous shrimp-friendly environment inside the tank.

The inclusion of C nod ensures abundant space for beneficial bacterias. Also, the biofilter consists of activated carbon. This feature makes the biological filter 10% better than other biological filters.

Basically, a filter is determined by its mechanical part. And Fluval c has one of the best mechanical filters currently available in the market. The mechanical filter consists of a porous sponge and a dense polyester trap.

The polyester trap catches the water whale’s debris whale the sponge traps larger harmful particles from the water. The best quality mechanical filter ensures the better performance of the biological and chemical filters.

So it sounds like the Fluval C Power Filter is the best thing in the world, right? Quite not so, the filter has some problems of its own like the others. The material used in the filter does not feel A+. On the other hand, the filter is hard to take apart, so you will have a hard time cleaning it.

If you buy this filter, you will get complete filtration for your shrimp tank. It will take every impurity of your water and make it totally eco-friendly for your shrimps. But it costs quite a lot of money and has maintenance too. So, think before buying this powerful shrimp filter.

See The Fluval C Power Filter On Amazon


Pick #8 – AQQA Aquarium Fluidized Moving Bed FilterBest Filter for Stocked Tanks



AQQA Aquarium Fluidized Moving Bed Filter

If you own a tank larger than 10 gallons and need a reliable filter, this is for you. A large tank can have a huge bioload, even if it is just a shrimp tank. The amount of bio-waste is unbearable if the tank is a mixed species. SO, you will need a reliable filter set inside the tank to get crystal clear waters.

What does the AQQA fluidized filter does is create a river pebble effect inside the tank? The filter is see-through so that you will be able to view the condition of the filter.

So the chances of jamming inside the filter are lessened. It does not mean that the filter is not protected. The outer is well protected by see-through plastic. The filter has a fine quality sponge too.

It would fit perfectly inside any large shrimp filter fairly easily. The filter ensures 2 stages of filtration.

But the thing that is not good in the filter is its media. It is not of top quality. So it is suggested to change the media right after you get the chance. Any other decent ceramic media will do the job perfectly. Also, the filter does not come with any filter. Make sure to buy one if you plan to use this filter.

If you have a crowded tank, this is the filter you should pick. The filter works perfectly even in a crowded situation like 4 fishes/ gallon. Select this with a blind eye because you will not get anything better for a stacked-up tank.

See The AQQA Aquarium Filter On Amazon


Pick #9 – Aquapapa Corner FIlter Best Corner Filter



 Aquapapa Corner FIlter


Some people do not like any mechanical objects inside their tanks. And regular tanks can also take a lot of time to substrate for your aquarium. SO, for them, they have come up with an idea for a corner filter. Which is easy to hide and also does the work perfectly fine. And the Aquappa Corner FIlter is the best of them

The filter has a somewhat unique filtration process. It uses the “airlift” principle to filter the water. Basically what it does is, uses a stream of bubbles to lift the water up the tube where the filter media sits.

And the media does its work properly. The filter has two layers of sponge filtration, which acts like both biomechanical and physical filtration and produces crystal clear derby free.

This filter is highly versatile as it does its job as it should do. If we go by the anatomy of the filter we will see the mechanical and the most powerful filter on the very top which generates the most waste.

In the second stage, there are the bio-sponge and ceramic rings for bio-mechanical filtration. In between the two parts, there is a lot of space to host beneficiary bacterias as well.

Unlike any random corner filter, the Aquappa is really quiet. Because it uses year stones for doing its job quietly. The filter is only good for 20 gallon tanks. So, if you are a rather small tank owner and need quiet reliable filter to pump your shrimp water, this is the one.

See The Aquapapa Corner FIlter On Amazon


Pick #10 – AquaClear HOB FilterFiltration King


 AquaClear HOB Filter


Till now we were talking about filters best with other side qualities. But now we are gonna talk about a filter which is a beast when it comes to filtration.

The filter can filter 7 times the tank size in a day. And there are several size variants for it as well. Our pick for filtration king is the Aquaclear HOB Filter.

The fantastic shrimp filter comes in 5 different models, which covers every tank size from 5 gallons to 110 gallons.

The filtration system of the AquaClear HOB is superior because it ensures less contact between the filter and media. Which ensures less operational time and energy. In plain words, the filter does work faster than other filters.

The filter comes packed with stuff in the box. AquaClear sends Aquaclear branded foam, cycle guard, and activated carbon. All these items help both mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

And it is not rocket science to put it together. The filter comes with an easy-to-read manual. You will be able to set it up easily with the help of the manual. And once you set it up you are ready to go.

The handy little filter works fantastically and reliably. You won’t have to worry about the filter to give you upon you. And even if it does, AquaClear gives a 2 years warranty on all AquaClear HOB Filters.

See The AquaClear HOB Filter On Amazon

Tips For Shrimp Tank Filter

To be honest, shrimp tank keeping is a fairly easy affair. A healthy filter, and you are good to go. The filter is used to take out the imperfections from the water.

So it is quite common for filters to be jammed with unwanted substances. But you do not have to change the whole filter every time it gets stuck; just simple maintenance will save you a lot of money and time.

Generally, there are two types of filters used for shrimp tanks. One, sponge filters, and the second one is called Canister Filters. We will briefly talk about the simple maintenance of these filters.

Sponge Filters:

Sponge Filters are the most basic there could be. And maintaining them can be really easy as well. You have to just rinse the sponge inside the filter, and you are good to go—nothing else.

The key is to get rid of the debris on the surface of the filter.

Bonus Tip: Try to rinse the sponge in treated waters as the sponge homes millions of good bacterias after clearing out the unwanted substances on the surface lair.


Canister Filter:

Canister filters are in a wholly different realm from sponge filters. First of all, after getting a canister filter, you have to shrimp proof your filter. You have to cover the intake of your filter to shrimp proof it.

If you see abnormal water flow inside your tank, you should act fast. Ignoring this can lead to losing your whole filter. Generally, every canister filter comes with a maintenance guide alongside.

Generally, it is not a big hassle to clean your canister filter, but it can take some time to have a large tank.

Bonus Tip: Use a sponge filter on the intake of your canister filter—double cleaning in one.

Watch How to Choose The Best Shrimp Filter for Your Tank – A Step by Step buying guide

Buying Guide for Best Shrimp Filters

Best shrimp filters can be difficult to select as the number of filters are a lot in the current market. But by considering some factors, you can easily select the best filter for your shrimp aquarium.

This part of the article will talk about the key factors a shrimp filter should have. So, you can consider every aspect before buying your next shrimp filter.

Types of Filter:

There are several types of filters for shrimp tanks. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s talk about them a bit.


Sponge Filters:

The most low-tech and safest filter for a shrimp tank is the sponge filter. They are affordable and don’t require anything while set up. Basically, a sponge filter is a combination of an air pump and layers of sponge or foams.

The air-pump pumps up the water into the tube and to the filter sponge. And the sponge catches the derbies and impurities of the water.

After that generally, there is a housing space for good bacterias which helps to decrease the ammonia and nitrate of the water.

Canister FIlter:

Canister filters are filters for large tanks. They do not have any intake or outtake tubes. So they are really useful as shrimp tank filters.

You just have to add a little sponge filter to its intake to prevent baby shrimps sucking in. Some canister filters can have up to five or six filtration stages.

But the industry standard is having three filtration stages. So if you have a three filtration stage canister filter you don’t need to panic. Generally, canister filters are quite expensive and need occasional maintenance as well.

Undergravel Filter:

This is an efficient filtration system. Undergravel filters consist of filter plates. lift tubes, and filter intakes. Undergravel filter is good for shrimp tanks because of its mechanism.

They use gravel as the biofilter which is easy to clean and maintain. They have more pros as well. Usually, under gravel filters come with adjustable flow rates.

They can also team up with power filters for more quick filtration. And they are really easy to set up and maintain as well.

HOB Filters:

HOB filters or Hang On Back filters are the most used filters for shrimp tanks. Because the filters hang on the side of the tank. So, that the shrimps can move around easily and safely.

There are HOB filters for all sizes and specs. The HOB filters have adjustable water flows. Usually, the motors of the filter stay submerged which is why they give a silent yet efficient performance.

And the setup method and maintenance is really straightforward. No hassle to do those things. Also, the HOB filters do not create any odor like other mechanical filters.

These are the reasons they are so popular among enthusiasts.


Stages of Filtration:

The tap water you put into your shrimp filter has lots of impurities and harmful biological components. Also, many harmful chemical elements stay present in the waters.

To get rid of all impurities in the water, a filter should have three filtration stages. Mechanical, biological, and chemical.

All three filters have different jobs of their own. The chemical filters clean the water from harmful chemicals of the water. It does that with the help of activated carbons.

The mechanical filter cleans any debris or impurities of the water like oil, fish wastes, heavy metals, etc. And the biological filter uses beneficial bacterias to reduce ammonia and nitrate from the water.

There are differences in filterability as well. Some filters can reduce up to 60 contaminants, and some can reduce 40 contaminants. So, make sure what you are getting your hands on.


Rate of Filtration:

The filtration rate of a filter is rarely considered a valuable feature. But if you are a wise buyer, then you should consider the filtration rate of the filter.

Basically, the filtration rate is the amount of water a filter can purify for in a whole day.

Each filter differs in infiltration rate. You should consider buying a filter a bit more powerful than your tank size. It will come in handy if you do.

Also, note that heavy-duty filters are more expensive than regular ones. Before buying, consider the amount of water your shrimps consume daily. You will be able to select your favorite filter.


Installation and operational costs:

Firstly, make sure the filter you are buying has a low maintenance cost.

Then secondly, make the budget for your filter according to your need. As heavy-duty filters are more expensive than the lesser ones.

It is common that if a filter uses a remineralization cartridge, it will be expensive. Lesser advanced techy filters will cost much less.


Quality of water:

The best filter is the one that just does not cleans the water; rather, the one improves the water quality of the aquarium.

The filter should be responsible for the quality of the water for the inhabitants of the tank. A good filter should also maintain the water’s minimum ph level and wipe out any odor from the water.

There are multiple levels of aquarium filtration, and many different companies offer various levels of filtration. Some ensure just the cleaning of the surface of the water. On the other hand, some filters ensure cleaning from the fish body as well.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Do I need a filter for a shrimp tank?

If you ask us, we would probably say yes. Shrimp depends heavily on water oxygens. If they don’t find the right amount of oxygens they will come on the surface of the water and go down.

It means there is a lack of oxygen in the water. All crustaceans behave like this. Get a cheap sponge filter at least for your tank which consists of an air pump and tubings. You will be good to go then.

And if you are thinking you will not get a filter in your aquarium, just make sure you have a lot of live green inside. And also you have to change the water frequently too. That is why it is suggested that you get a filter in your tank.

Can you keep shrimp without a filter?

It is possible to keep shrimps without a filter. There is no lie here. But it takes a lot of hard work and maintenance for that. You will need to change the water frequently.

The second thing you will need the right amount of water flow. Also, the tank should have the right balance of light and plants for shrimps to thrive without a filter. But you are really suggested to get a filter for your shrimp tank.

How do you protect shrimp from filter intake?

It probably seems funny that a little filter harms shrimps. But it is a major thing to consider. Some of the filters are really strong and possibly suck through your beloved shrimps.

So, what to do? This major problem has a simple solution. Simply just cover the mesh of your filter with a thin layer of plastic. You can use filter floss or thin foam for that too.

how to clean a shrimp tank?

Shrimp tanks are gaining popularity for their low maintenance attribute. It is not a really big hassle to clean a shrimp tank as well. Occasional once in a week water change is enough for you if it’s only a shrimp tank.

But you will change the water a bit frequently if it’s a mixed tank. Only shrimp tank gravels also need less cleaning as well because shrimps don’t make many wastes.

If you clean your gravel once every 120 days, you are good to go. But in mixed tanks situations are different.

Are sponge filters good for shrimp tanks?

Sponge filters are the best solution for shrimp tanks. They are affordable and low maintenance. And safe as well. Sponge filters are easy to clean as well.

The sponge filter uses an air pump to draw the water through the filter and the impurities of the water get stuck on the sponge.

How to hide your aquarium filter?

Aquarium filters are a big headache for tank aesthetics. A piece of machinery kills all the natural vibe of the tank. Even sometimes filters get in the way of the inhabitants of the aquarium as well.

One, you can do is to get an outside tank filter. But they are not efficient and make a lot of noise. In-tank filters are the best type of filters. You can use natural or plastic plants to hide the odd filter. Or use props to put that ugly thing back as well.

How does a sponge filter work?

Sponge filters are a really easy mechanism. They use a simple air pump which pumps the water into the tube. The tube leads to the filter sponge.

Usually, this is just the first layer of cleaning. The filter traps any material impurities in the water. Bio wastes, gravel dust or anything else gets trapped there. And usually, there is another lair.

The second layer hosts beneficiary bacterias. Which helps to cut the ammonia and nitrate level of the water. This layer is called the bio-filter and the sponge one is called the sponge-filter.

What is the best HOB filter?

The AquaClear HOB filter is the best HOB filter you can find in 2021. And here are the reasons for it.

    • Comes with everything it needs in the package.
    • Easy to use manual
    • Can filter more than 7 times the tank size
    • Powerful and efficient
    • Customizable at users will
    • Comes with 2 years of warranty


Here is the best shrimp aquarium filter for you. We have tried a walkthrough for you to get the best possible filter for yourself. But as you are the buyer, you say the final say.

Choose the perfect filter just for you. Hope our article helped you to find out your next filter. Thank You.

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