Best Halogen Heaters – Halogen Heater Review 2021

The most efficient and affordable method of heating a room is a halogen heater. They are fast, easy to use, portable, have many other features, and are finished with a very appealing aesthetic.

Here are our reviews of the top models available. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Picks: The 5 Best Halogen Heaters:

Best for Targeted Heating

Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater
Heats up whatever you want

The Smartest Halogen Heater

Livart LVH-780 Halogen Heater
The smartest heater of the town

Best Wall Mounted Halogen Heater

Optimus H-9010 Portable
A powerful heater in an adorable size

Best Heater for Coffee

DONNGYZ Coffee Syphon Halogen Heater
Heats up your coffee with style

The Most Stylish

Comfort Zone CZHTV9
Stunningly beautiful and does a fantastic job. 

A Quick Comparison Table:


Our RatingPreviewProductView


palashbd 5 starComfort Zone CZHTV9view on amazon


palashbd 4.5 starComfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heaterview on amazon


palashbd 4.5 starOptimus H-9010 Portableview on amazon


palashbd 4 starLivart LVH-780 Halogen Heaterview on amazon


palashbd 4 star

DONNGYZ Coffee Syphon Halogen Heaterview on amazon

What is a halogen heater?

The reason they are called halogen heaters (space heater ) is that within the halogen lamps, halogen gases are used to increase the brightness of the bulbs and also to increase their lifespan.

The halogen also prevents the bulbs from darkening. The halogen lamps are safe to operate at higher temperatures than lamps that do not use halogen gas.

Halogen heaters are also often used as mobile heaters as they are lightweight and portable. The heaters can also quickly provide heat; the halogen heaters can provide instantaneous heat as soon as the heaters are switched on.

What are the best halogen heaters?

Here we have compiled 5 halogen heaters which are the current market leaders. All of these heaters are unique from one another, designed carefully for maximum service. We hope you will like it.

1. Comfort Zone CZHTV9


Comfort Zone CZHTV9


From the brand CCC Comfort Zone, the CZHTV9 is a corded halogen heater. This beautiful; piece comes in stunning black color. This is a portable yet heavy-duty halogen heater.

A significant part about the CZHTV9 is it has an oscillation feature. So that it can cover more area than other halogen heaters. It uses radiant heating so that people and objects in front of it will get heat instantly.

However, do not get any wrong ideas from its modern design. The Heater is really easy to control. It has an easy-to-control knob on top of it. By which you can control your heating preference and oscillation too.

Generally, halogen heaters are used in non-living areas of your house. Even in your backyard too. But this particular halogen heater is made especially for indoors.

It works exceptionally well in smaller rooms. It can give you access to your instant heat just by turning it on. On top of that, this best halogen heater is stunningly good-looking.

See The Comfort Zone CZHTV9 On Amazon


2. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater


Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater
Here is a fantastic wall-mountable halogen heater for you. This One is also from the good folks of CCC Comfort Zone. The halogen heater is based on quartz.

You can mount it anywhere on the ceiling or the wall.  The controls are relatively easy for this heater. It has a pull string to toggle between its two heating modes. 760 watts/1500 watts.

The heater comes with a light add-on. The halogen sticks are caged by a heavy-duty metal body. The CZQTV5M is a radiant heater as well so that you will get heat from it instantly.  With its built-in advanced safety features, it is relatively hard to go wrong with this heater.

If you are looking for a heater for targeted heating, you can try the Comfort Zone CZQTVSM. The quartz heater inside can be angled easily up to 90 degrees.

Which allows it to direct its output precisely. Alongside that, the heater takes so little space and also can be mounted to any wall or ceiling.

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3. Optimus H-9010 Portable


Optimus H-9010 Portable



Looking for a heater for your garage? Well, then the Optimus H-9010 Portable would be an excellent choice for you. The halogen heater is a compact one with admirable size.

It takes literally 0 space as you can mount against the ceiling. On top of that, the halogen heater is extremely easy to use as well.

In freezing temperatures, the Optimus H-9010 Portable can become a lifesaver for you. This is a halogen heater with quite a lot of tricks in its sleeves. Firstly, the Optimus Portable is energy efficient.

The heater comes with two different heating situations for your convenience. Secondly, the best halogen heater has a heating coverage of 150 square meters, how about that?

That is a lot of areas to cover according to the naive size of the halogen heater. Thirdly, you will be amazed to see the size of the heater. The thing literally does not take any spaces at all. And if you mount it to a wall or ceiling, then no question arises whatsoever.

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4. Livart LVH-780 Halogen Heater


Livart LVH-780 Halogen Heater

Another oscillating heater makes our top halogen heaters list. The Livart LVH-780 has a couple of smart features built into it. Firstly, the heater has Oscillation.

Means it can swing like a stand/table fan. Swinging more means more area to heat off. This feature can come in handy sometimes. Secondly, It has a timer system.

You can easily set up the halogen heater as long as you will need it. This feature adds two things to the table. One is energy efficiency, and the second one is safety.

And lastly, this fantastic halogen heater comes with remote control, via which you can easily control it remotely. The remote control is straightforward to use. It has dedicated buttons for heat changing, Oscillation, and turning on and off.

The Livart LVH-780 has a stand fan as an aesthetic, making it quite different from other halogen heaters. The built quality is relatively rigid.

And with all these mentioned features make the Livart LVH-780 the smartest halogen heater available. If you have a smart home already, this halogen heater would be a smart attachment to your home.

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5. DONNGYZ Coffee Syphon Halogen Heater


DONNGYZ Coffee Syphon Halogen Heater

In our reviews, we try to be as diverse and honest we could be. That is why in between halogen room heaters, we add a coffee heater in our halogen heater review.

The Donngyz Coffee Syphon Halogen Heater looks like an art piece. The heater is corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat and comes with sound insulations.

Also, the heater generates more heat than spirit lamps or alcohol lamps. This fabulous halogen coffee heater has some more perks as well. The heater is made of stainless steel.

Therefore it is effortless to clean. Also, SS is a fantastic material as it does not let any heat get wasted. So that we can easily say that this halogen coffee maker is energy efficient.

On top of that, the halogen comes with fantastic insulation built-in. If you need a halogen coffee heater, you can look into this.

See The DONNGYZ Coffee Syphon Halogen Heater On Amazon

Buying Guide for Best Halogen Heaters


In this age of the open market, there are a lot of choices for the consumers. It is a gigantic task to pick the best-suited product without research.

The same thing is with halogen heaters as well. Suppose you are in a look for halogen heaters. In that case, you will see a vast difference between models in terms of quality and execution.

So, what to look for before buying your next halogen heater? We are gonna talk about that here. This guide will help you to pick up the best halogen heater suited to your needs.


If you want a powerful halogen heater, you have to pick up the one with high wattage. But a gentle reminder, higher wattage means higher power consumption.

So it is a possibility that you will not need the highest wattage heater. But as wattage is directly connected with the heater’s performance, you will need to pay heed to it.

Generally, 400 to 800 watts is a standard heating capacity for a halogen heater. Cause halogen heaters are used for direct heating, and that much power is enough for direct heating.

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings are one of the essentials. Because it could be a struggle to stay in one setting all the time. High/Medium/Low is the industry standard for temperature settings.

But there are some halogen heaters with just High and Low settings. This feature is useful because sometimes you will have to turn up or down the heat according to situations.

Thermostat and Timer

The higher-end halogen heaters usually consist of these. They tend to give you the best user experience possible. A thermostat would allow the heater to turn off right after it reaches its desired temperature.

Thus saves energy. The timer works in energy efficiency as well. But also, it adds the convenience of switching itself off when it is too hot for you.

And having a timer will make your life easy because you won’t have to think about turning the heater off. Just set up the timer, and you are worry-free.

Size And Portability

Most of the halogen heaters are slim and sleek. And they are super portable. Because the heaters get as big as their bulbs only. This makes them compact and portable.

This mobility ensures that you can carry your heater outside and enjoy your porch or yard in the winter.


Some halogen heaters have oscillations. It helps them to cover larger areas. Oscillating halogen heaters will have maximum angles that they can reach via oscillating.

In case of oscillating, you will have the control of turning and the speed of oscillation too.

Safety Features

Most of the electric heaters have several safety features. Halogen Heaters have safety measures too. The general safety measures are turned off when tipped off or turn off when overheated.

But the best halogen heater extra safety features as well. The higher-end ones ensure that their grills do not get heated. It gives safety to curious children and pets. Read halogen heater reviews before buying one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of operation of a Halogen Heater?

A halogen heater’s cost output is directly linked with power output and how long you use one. Generally, 1 kilowatt(1000 watts) halogen heater would cost your 15pence per hour.

Do halogen heaters dry the air?

Halogen Heaters are direct heaters. Generally heats up the place they are pointed only. They do not heat up the air like other heaters.

Are halogen heaters expensive to run?

If you are getting one or two heaters for active heating, then no, halogen heaters will not break your bank. But if you are getting halogen heaters all over your house and using them as the primary source of heat, then no, it is not cost-effective to run.

Do halogen heaters use more electricity?

Compared to electric or oil heaters, halogen heaters use less electricity to run. On the other hand, gas-powered heaters are the most cost beneficiary.

What is the difference between halogen and quartz heaters?

Halogen Heaters use halogen gases to light up. On the other hand, quartz heaters use quartz elements and produce a much whiter light. Quartz heaters are better for dark areas, but halogen lights run for long.

What is the difference between ceramic and halogen heaters?

Halogen and Ceramic heaters are both known as Infrared Heaters. Halogen Heaters produces reddish light while heating, but the Ceramic heaters do not produce any light.

Is halogen heaters energy efficient?

COnsidering other heating options, yes, halogen heaters are energy efficient.



We hope you liked our list of halogen heaters. Halogen heaters are energy-friendly and efficient. And can do their work pretty well. All the heaters from our lists are sufficient.

But still, while you are buying, make sure that the heater you are buying meets your demands.