Best Washable Air Filters – Best Washable Furnace Air Filters

There are many different types of filters. There are disposable and nondisposable ones, and there are washable ones. Disposable filters do not help the environment.

But the best type of filter is the washable one. It is friendly to the environment and saves money. It may cost more money than disposable filters, but it will last for a long time.

A good filter needs to be dry before it can go back in. Because if not then mold and mildew grow on it.An HVAC is a filter that is used for improving the quality of air. It can also be used to heat and cool the air in a space.

The filter will protect the HVAC system from getting dirty by catching dirt and other particles from the air. This will make it last longer and work better.

There are more pollutants in homes than outside. The inside of the house has more pollutants than the outside. Research also says that.

So, air filters with electricity will help to remove particles from the air and keep them away from your home.

The filter moves with wind from your vents, so it is charged. When airborne particles move towards the filter, they will be pulled by it and stopped until you clean it again.

Electrostatic filters are made in a way that you can wash them. It is easy to clean them. So electrostatic washable air filters may be the best choice for those who want to save money by not going to the store all the time.

And don’t want to have more than one filter.

This filter needs to be cleaned every month. If you do not clean it then the airflow will be restricted because the dust builds up inside the filter. You can see dust on top of the filter when you inspect it so that means it is time to clean it.


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#1 –Carter gold MERV 8 HVAC & furnace air filter
palashbd 5 starCarter gold MERV 8 HVAC & furnace air filterCheck Latest Price
#2 –MaxMERV9 washable air filter
palashbd 4.5 starMaxMERV9 - highest rated washable permanent electrostatic furnace air filterCheck Latest Price
#3 –Naturalaire SM1006 synthetic cut-to fit air filter, MERV 4
palashbd 4.5 starNaturalaire SM1006 synthetic cut-to fit air filter, MERV 4Check Latest Price
#4 –Trophy air HVAC furnace filter
palashbd 4.5 starTrophy air HVAC furnace filterCheck Latest Price
#5 Permanent washable, permafoam and replacement air filter
palashbd 4 starPermanent washable, permafoam and replacement air filterCheck Latest Price
#6 – Electrostatic permanent Washable A/C furnace air filter
palashbd 4 starElectrostatic permanent Washable A/C furnace air filterCheck Latest Price
#7 – Six stage electrostatic air filter
palashbd 4 starSix stage electrostatic air filterCheck Latest Price
#8 –Permanent washable air filter
palashbd 3.5 starPermanent washable electrostatic air filter with Venti TechCheck Latest Price
#9 –Permanent pleated air filter
palashbd 3.5 starPermanent pleated air filterCheck Latest Price
#10 – Adjustable cut to fit air filter
palashbd 3.5 starAdjustable cut to fit air filterCheck Latest Price

What are the Best washable air filters

Our picks, here we made a list of the Best washable air filters.

Best of best washable air filter- #1. Carter good furnace air filter

A carter good frame filter is a washable filter that has a rating of MERV to make sure it works well. These filters are used to clean the air in your house.

The filter has two layers. One of them is made of electrostatic fiber. They have the ability to charge themselves. And the another layer is made of polypropylene (a type of material). And it has an extra layer. That extra layer holds dust in with the other layers.

This filter can remove many things. It has antimicrobial fibers that can hold up to 165 grams of contaminants, and it also stops mold from growing. The frame is made of four pieces and each corner is tied together with a screw.

The mesh filter itself has holes that protect the home from dust and odors and because of this, there is no burden on the furnace’s flow rate.

The filter is specially designed to last for a lifetime.  Every 3 months, you need to wash the filter so it can be reused and last above 5 years.


Carter gold MERV 8 HVAC & furnace air filter

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  • This is a premium quality filter along with an extruded metal mesh.
  • It has a finite lifetime warranty.
  • Frame of this filter is made of gold anodized aluminium frame.
  • It has a flow of about 300 FPM.
  • It is completely washable and has electrostatic capacity.
  • It can arrest about 94% pollen.
  • The rate of air resistance is low.


  • Brand: Carter goods
  • Material: Metal, Aluminium and Polypropylene
  • Dimension: 20 x 25 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 3.17 pounds
  • MERV Rating: 8.00
  • Compatible device: Air Purifier, Air Conditioner, Air Cleaner, Furnace, Dehumidifier
  • This is highly cost-effective.
  • This is durable for a lifetime.
  • No cutting and adjusting is needed so this is very easy to fit.
  • It can decrease waste and restrict the growth of mold.
  • It does not diminish the furnace’s flow rate.
  • It has the ability to keep pet allergies at bay.
  • It needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Wash the filter and let it dry prior to reinserting which is time-consuming.
  • If anyone fails to wash the filter properly that will diminish its effectiveness.
  • Mildew and Mold will grow if the filter is dampy.

Final Verdict:

Washable filters are known as permanent filters and they last a long time before needing to be replaced. They are very cost-effective because they need to be replace after a year (or more).

Therefore, it will be cheaper than disposable filters even though one replaces it each year. It really depends on people’s choice. But if you care about the price, then washable furnace air filters are the best choice for them. You can also choose disposable ones if you have frequent allergies.


#2. MaxMERV9 washable air filter

The MaxMERV9 is not the cheapest filter, but it is one of the best. This filter was made in America.

You can use it in your house and it has a high MERV rating. It uses polypropylene technology which makes it one of the newest filters.

This filter is designed to be a way to clean the air without electricity. It amplifies a stable charge when air passes through it.

This charge can capture and hold contaminants, dust, and allergens. The best part of this filter is that it is light and durable with an aluminum frame as well as holes so water can drain out of the filter.

Some air filters have a higher resistance. But this can’t stop them from giving great airflow.

MERV9 is the best filter to use if you want a stable and reliable one that will catch up with dust and small particles, too.


MaxMERV9 - highest rated washable permanent electrostatic furnace air filter


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  • It is imported from the USA.
  • It has a pleated design which allows more surface area around 40%.
  • This filter does not require any electricity.
  • It gives a lifetime warranty
  • It is a hundred percent guaranteed.
  • It has a rust proof aluminium frame and a white-blue label which makes it unique in color.
  • It can captures particles which are less than 1.0 micron
  • It belongs to a cutting edge media that allows for MERV 9 particulate arrestance
  • It has the highest rating than any other washable filters available in the market.


  • Brand: CAS.
  • Part number: CASMM9.
  • Dimension: 14x20x1 inches.
  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Battery: Not required.
  • It gives a lifetime warranty.
  • It is a 100% guaranteed product.
  • It does not require any sort of electricity.
  • It has better dust capturing capacity due to its pleated design.
  • It can constrict the airflow.
  • The rating of MERV became too high for several furnaces.


Final verdict:

In conclusion, every product has its own pros and cons. So it is important to understand what the downside of owning that product is for those who are going to buy it.

Overall MERV9 is a good filter. It’s certified and it stays in the house for a long time. But this filter can’t trap all types of dust because of how it’s constructed. One good thing about MERV9 filters, though, is that they can catch tiny particles like pollen, pet pander or smoke – below 1 micron in size.

The filters are eco-friendly and can be washed. They are also electrostatic. Filters are made to be industry standards, which is 3 inches or 8 inches, whichever you need.


#3. Naturalaire SM1006 synthetic cut-to fit air filter, MERV 4

Naturalaire SM1006 is a synthetic  cut-to-fit filter. It can be cut to fit the size of the old filter and replace it. You should do this before you throw out your old filter and buy a new one.

It is a filter that has a rate of MERV4, which means it can get rid of household dust, pollen and lint. It also removes smoke, animal smells too. There is no need for any frame support because it is very springy.

The filter is made of synthetic fibers. It can last for more than a year and will also biodegrade. If you wash it every month, then it will get stronger.


Naturalaire SM1006 synthetic cut-to fit air filter, MERV 4


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  • It is an imported product from the USA.
  • It has a media pad which is made of natural fiber.
  • Low energy cost because of lower airflow resistance.
  • It is a high velocity air filter.
  • This is a biodegradable filter which is used to eliminate dust, lint, pollen and mold.
  • It is a synthetic cut- to- fit air filter and fits up to 20” x 30”.


  • Brand: NaturalAire.
  • Material: Synthetic.
  • Dimension: 20 x 1 x 30 inch.
  • Compatible device: Furnace.
  • Low initial cost.
  • This can capture a lot of dirt and debris.
  • It is capable of holding pollen and mold spores.
  • It is light enough to keep warm air flowing continuously.
  • Need to wash frequently which is time consuming.
  • Reusing will not be possible at times after washing.
  • Need high energy bills.

Final verdict:

The conclusion is that the natural air filter is synthetically made. It’s useful in a more unique way than the other products. You can reuse it many times before you need to throw it out.

Sometimes, a filter might not work for long if you use it under certain conditions. But if you need to filter out all sorts of smells, like that from smoke or animals, then this filter can be used in your home.


#4. Trophy air HVAC furnace filter

The trophy air filter is a product for ACs and furnaces. The filter is made of wire mesh with a wave shape.

It is sandwiched in an aluminum frame that won’t bend. The edges of the filter will not bend. Because they are densely designed and made out of pure aluminum. It will capture dust as well as pet hair, smoke, and anything else like it.

The filter can also restrict wear on the machine and corrosion so it can last much longer than a regular medium-sized one. In addition, the filter is very easy to wash and maintain.

Trophy air HVAC furnace filter

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  • Imported from the USA.
  • It is crafted in order to improve the efficiency of home ventilation.
  • It helps to purify the air of dust and pollen, ultimately reducing the itchy eyes and sneezing of allergy attacks.
  • It is designed for low resistance.
  • It has a quad-layer aluminum frame.
  • An electrostatic media associated with it.
  • Installation is very easy and quick.



  • Brand: Trophy Air.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 1 inches.
  • Compatible device: Air purifier.
  • It has a more developed airflow than disposable filters.
  • The frame of the filter is made of aluminum.
  • It is very easy to wash.
  • It remains quiet even though dirt builds up on the filter.
  • It is not capable of removing strong pet odors.

Final verdict:

The last thing I want to talk about is the air filter. You have to think about the size of your frame, how much it will reduce dust and pollen, and what type of filter you want.

The best kind for my house would be one that can filter out dirt, lint from clothes, pet hair and smoke. Besides this, The trophy air HVAC filter is a long-lasting filter and the cleaning process is very easy.

#5. Permanent washable, permafoam and replacement air filter

It’s about time we refreshed the air in your home. Air quality is key to a healthy lifestyle, after all. That’s where our latest invention comes in: The permanent air filter!

It fits easily over vents and will remove all of dust particles from the air passing through it so you can live life worry-free.

The permanent air filter is light colored. If it needs to be cleaned, you can see if it needs to be cleaned by putting the filter under a trap and seeing if the dirt slides off.

This is the best filter for human hair or pet hair but it is difficult to bend and required to revert back into a new state after being washed.

It will increase airflow which makes it harder to raise the temperature of a room. It was made in America.


Permanent washable, permafoam and replacement air filter


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  • It is washable along with improved usefulness.
  • It has an effective craft design that ameliorates ventilation potency.
  • It can diminish the resistance in airflow. It helps to rectify and decontaminate the air.
  • It has a media Pad that is made of Polyurethane and Aluminum of about 20PPI.
  • It is a perform stable HVAC Air Filter.
  • Low-resistance design.
  • Very fast and simple installation.


  • Brand: Trophy Air.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds.
  • Dimension: 16x 20 x 1 inches.
  • Compatible device: Air purifier.

It has a frame which is very strong and does not bend easily.
It needs only water to clean.
This filter gives a good service to clear out hair of pets, dogs, and cats.

  • It does not raise room temperature because it does not permit airflow enough.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, if you want a cool climate then don’t choose this. But if it won’t be a bother for you, use that filter without any doubt.

It is consulted for residential use because of its ease of cleaning and density and because it is very useful in reducing pet hair.

#6. Electrostatic permanent Washable A/C furnace air filter

Electrostatic washable permanent A/C furnace air Filter is made in the USA. It is a very good way to replace a disposable filter because it keeps your home dust and allergen free.

The metal frame will be sturdy, and you’ll get a lifetime warranty. It will only take a hose off before you can reinstall it, which should not be difficult for most people.

If you want fresh air then an electrostatic washable permanent A/C furnace air Filter may be best for you.


Electrostatic permanent Washable A/C furnace air filter

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  • It is a washable filter which is an imported product.
  • The filter consists of polypropylene mesh which is electrostatic.
  • It lasted for a long time.
  • It gives a hundred percent warranty.
  • The filter has self-charging capacity.
  • It has a rigid frame wall which makes it durable.
  • It can capture 95% of airborne dust and allergens.



  • Manufacturer: All-Filters
  • Brand: Air-Care
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 16x24x1 inches
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Battery: No
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Compatible device: Furnace
  • This is very amicable to the environment.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • It is Simple to install.
  • It is a permanent filter so you don’t need to change it or purchase a new one.
  • It has the potential to remove mold, spores, pollen, dust and smoke.
  • The filter has a good air filtration capacity.
  • It is a long-lasting device.
  • These filters are not perfect for people with asthma and allergy because they release large particles into the air.
  • The filter needs to be washed on a monthly basis because of its efficient working.
  • Airflow will be affected if it is not clean properly.
  • It doesn’t give any protection against ozone.

Final verdict:

The conclusion is that this filter is the best. It has the highest rating and it makes the air better than pleated filters.

A ready-to-fit filter is a good choice for people that want to buy a filter. This type of filter saves time and hassle, so it’s the best choice for someone who wants their filter quickly. Besides this, it is an affordable option for a person who wants to reduce large and small particles in their drinking water.


#7. Six stage electrostatic air filter

An electrostatic air filter is better than a traditional one. A traditional filter doesn’t get rid of harmful particles. An electrostatic air filter does. This is made with a polypropylene grid.

This comes attached to a frame that is made out of aluminum and it has about 1 or 2 inches of space in between.

This filter is a good choice because it can be washed and reused. It is more efficient than a traditional pleated filter because it does not let in as many large particles.

This filter not only cleans the air but also can be used as an air conditioning system, a heater, and has a good MERV rating. It needs to be cleaned out every 4-6 weeks depending on the dust level in your area.

Laundry soap should always be used for cleaning purposes.


Six stage electrostatic air filter

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  • The filter is basically made in America and then exported to Bangladesh.
  • This is an electrostatic filter.
  • This filter can be washed easily.
  • This is a permanent furnace air filter used for residence.
  • It has an excellent long life.
  • It is a heavy-duty durable product.
  • The filter has the potential to capture a maximum amount of dust and particles.



  • Brand: Buyfiltersonline/SFC.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Filter media: Polypropylene.
  • Filtration technology: Electrostatic.
  • Life of filter: 120 months.
  • Type: Flat panel.
  • Application: Furnace, Air conditioner.
  • This filter is perfectly made.
  • Low cost and save money for the purchasers for the long run.
  • Though it is an electrostatic filter, no electric charge is needed here.
  • The furnace is not required to modify.
  • It not only alleviates the odors but also reduces microscopic irritants.
  • It aids in improving the air which is very helpful for allergy sufferers.
  • Sometimes it is not so diligent to capture all kinds of dust.
  • It must be clean each month for efficient working.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, a six-stage air filter is a washable filter. It is made of different types of polypropylene woven together to form a lot of threads. The product does not need to be changed so it is very unique. this is really good.

This filter also helps to reduce smoke from tobacco. Besides this, it is a low-cost product that also helps reduce dust and odor. This makes the air of your house better and is one of the best choices for people who are allergic to things in the air.


#8. Permanent washable air filter

The filter is good for the air. It stops pollen, dust, dirt and many other things. The disposable filter is a waste of money because you can’t use it more than once. The washable filter saves your money from buying another one.

It is a product that has better air circulation. This lowers the energy cost. It is 100% guaranteed and it will make you happy! The Permanent Electrostatic Filter by Venti-Tech is a filter for an HVAC system. The filter captures allergens and it helps to maintain a healthier environment in your home. It is made out of polypropylene which has electrostatic properties that promote dust collection.


Permanent washable electrostatic air filter with Venti Tech

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  • It is an imported product.
  • Washable and reusable filter.
  • The filter has electrostatic properties for a lifetime.
  • It consists of woven polypropylene media.
  • This filter has the capability to trap 93% of particles.
  • It can reduce dust, dirt, mold, and many other harmful particles.
  • Venti tech committed a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee to the consumers.
  • It has a drain-like a hole which enhances better cleaning and drying.



  • Brand: Venti Tech.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Filter frame: Galvanized steel.
  • Dimension: 16x25x1 inches.
  • Filter media: Polyester and Woven Polypropylene.
  • Applications: Residential, commercial, and industrial use.
  • It has premium air quality.
  • It saves money to the purchasers because it is reusable and long-lasting.
  • It diminishes the stress in the equipment by improving the airflow automatically.
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee in this product.
  • The place around the edges creates a whistling Sound.


Final verdict

In conclusion, if someone does not want to buy the same filter over and over again and is tired of their house being dusty all the time, then we recommend they check our filter. It is better than a disposable one because it catches more dust about 95%. Moreover, it has a long frame that will last for a long time and also comes with a lifetime warranty.


#9. Permanent pleated air filter

An air filter is a filter made of aluminum. It is used to remove dust from the air. The pleats on the filter make it have more surface area than other filters and can remove more dust at once.

The filter lasts for 20 years. The filter can be put in any furnace. It is made of 20 PPI polyurethane foam, 1/8″ thick.


Permanent pleated air filter

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  • It is a washable filter.
  • This is made in the USA.
  • It is a permanent filter.
  • It can be reused.
  • It is designed as pleated in order to get high airflow and low restriction.
  • It is a long-lasting filter.


  • Manufacturers: BFO foam specialties.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces.
  • Size: 20X25X1 inches
  • Color: Green.
  • Battery: No.
  • Compatible device: Furnace.
  • The filter has a high dirt holding ability.
  • Because of its pleated construction, it has a low-pressure drop.
  • Its installment is very easy.
  • Required no bypassing.
  • The efficiency of filtration is high.
  • It has a strong mechanical strength.
  • It can reduce more particles than a standard filter.
  • It is a long-lasting filter.
  • Though it is inexpensive and improves air quality, it causes more airflow resistance in the furnace which ultimately raises the cost of operating.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, the filter is made to remove particles that will hurt us and remove them from our air. It is made strong so it can do this job well.

It has a pleated design. This means it has low pressure drop and can take out more bad things than a normal filter.


#10. SSS Adjustable cut to fit air filter

This kind of filter has a size that is small. If you are worried about the size, then this is the better option for you. It is rated MERV1. And This kind of filter can remove pollen, smoke, pet dander, bacteria and viruses.

This is a good filter that can hold large particles. It doesn’t have an electric charge, so it can also trap lint and dust. You can get this filter in both pleated and flat panels too.


Adjustable cut to fit air filter

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  • It is a washable filter.
  • The filter has a MERV 1 rating.
  • Air conditioner and HVAC system.
  • It can be used only at home.
  • It is an outperform fiberglass air filter for furnaces.


  • Brand name: SSS.
  • Package dimension: 30.5 x 21 x 0.75 inches.
  • Weight: 8 ounces.
  • Battery requirement: No.
  • It is a cut to fit filters so there is no worry about fitting.
  • It can control smoke and remove pets and cooking odors.It has the potential to remove pollen, dust and dander.
  • This filter fills up with dust and other contaminants so if you don’t wash it regularly it may be closed.
  • The filter needs to dry before reinstalling which is time consuming.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, this filter is like the disposable counterparts. It fills up dust, pet hair, etc. You need to clean it often so that it can work and so you don’t have a problem with dirt in your house.

If this is close because of dust, then it becomes hard for the air to move through the home. Cleaning your home from dust is a good idea if there are people who have asthma. This filter is not a good choice for them.


Buyer’s guide for Best washable air filters:

Many researchers also say that there are more bad particles in homes than outdoors. Filters help to keep the air clean. Filters may prevent many diseases caused by pollutants.

Electrostatic filters are the best to remove dust and other contaminants. When you want to buy a filter, you need to understand two things. The first is what size filter you need; another is the correct MERV rating.

You need to know the exact and nominal size and where it is written. If you do not know, then use a tape measure to find out if your furnace is the right size.

The second thing that you need to check is if your air filter has a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 or more which tells you how good it is at capturing dangerous particles in the air.

An air filter’s effectiveness depends on what it can remove. The higher the MERV, the better it can clean. Higher ratings are also more dangerous because they can block air flow in your ventilation system. The ideal is a filter that has an MPRV of 13 or lower. That is good because the air can move through easily.

There are many filters that can keep your home clean. One of them is called the Trophy Furnace Air Filter. It blocks dirt, lint, and pet hair, but other filters on this list are also good too. So pick one from the list and you won’t have to worry about cleaning anymore!


Final thoughts

To sum up, Happiness depends on our good health. Dust is a very harmful pollutant that attacks our respiratory system. As a result many types of diseases occurred such as asthma, lung problems, and so forth.

Washable filters are good for your house so that you don’t have dust, pollen, or other things that make people sick. This article will help you find the right filter for your home.