Best Wave Grease – Reviews and Buying Guides 2021

Wave is a popular hair trend for short hair. This particular hairstyle is mostly seen on men who rock curly hair on top of their heads. If you want to wave on your hair, too. So you need to know what is the best wave grease.

you need hair grease with a stronghold. Wave grease, also known as hair pomade or cream, is necessary for 360 waves on hair.

The best wave greases is always the one made with natural ingredients. To be called the best wave grease, you have to keep some qualities.

Firstly, the grease must have strong hold capabilities.

Secondly, it also can moisture and soften black hairs as well. There are a lot of hair greases available.

But not all of them are for waves. Go through our article for more details about picking up the best black hair wave grease for your hair.

What are the best wave greases?

We have made up a list of the best wave cream for black hair for your assistance. Our list is based on extensive market research and user reviews. Here are the 5 best hair pomades for black hair currently available in the market.

  1. Most Wet Look Wave Grease – Drip Strong Hold Pomade For sexy wet-looking waves

  2. Most Economical Wave Grease – Premium Wave and Scalp Butter A pinch for the whole hair.

  3. Best Wax Based Pomade – Uppercut Monster hold Pomade  Stronger than Ali’s Right Hand

  4. Best Pomades  for a Shiny Hair – WaveBuilder Hair Care Kit  Hair shine like a crazy diamond

  5. Easiest To Wash Off  Wave Grease – Ocean View Hair Pomade Washes of with minimum efforts

  6. Best Moisturizing Hair Grease – As I Am Double Butter Cream Style and nutrition, together

  7. Most Long Lasting Wave Grease – S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade For the whole day coverage

  8. Best Water Based Pomade – Suavecito Pomade Surprisingly good

  9. Best Hair Grease for Soft Hairs – Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade For soft and style in the same time

  10. Fastest to do the work – Murray’s Wave Pomade Quick and smart

A Quick Comparison Table:


Our RatingPreviewProductView


palashbd 5 starPremium Wave Butterview on amazon


palashbd 4.5 starOcean View Hair Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 4.5 starS-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 4.5 starDrip Strong Hold Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 4 star

WaveBuilder Hair Care Kitview on amazon


palashbd 4 star

Murray’s Wave Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 4 star

Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 3.5 star

Suavecito Pomadeview on amazon


palashbd 3.5 star

As I Am Double Butter Creamview on amazon


palashbd 3.5 star

Uppercut Monster hold Pomadeview on amazon

What are the Benefits of Using Hair Grease?

Hair grease is water or oil-based hair accessory used for shorter hairs. Hair grease is not just a typical generic hair accessory; it has some practical applications as well.

Let us see what good it can be done using hair grease on your hair.

  • Perfect Style Control

From choosing the hold strength to visual representation, hair grease can ensure all. You can pick a grease that will provide you hard, soft, or semi-soft hair all day long.

Even there are best wave greases for dry or wet hair aesthetics as well.

  • Provides a Natural Look

Usually, hair gels execute a dry look to hair, but not hair greases. They deliver a naturally moisturized hair outlook. That’s why hair grease does not dry up upon applying to hair.

Grease retains the natural softening of hairs. This is one of the significant reasons wave greases are gaining popularity.

  • Restyle Your Hair Anytime

As stated before, wave grease does not harden up. It retains the natural moisturized hair texture all day. So you can re-adjust your hair as many times as you like.

If you have a party after office, DO NOT WORRY! Just use a comb and restyle your formal look.

  • Perfect Hold

Curly hair owners face a common problem always. They just can not keep their hair in one place. A simple solution to this problem can be hair grease.

A good hair grease can provide the extra strength you will need to hold your unmanageable hair in place.

  • Hair Safety

Not a long time ago, hair products like greases did more harm than good to hair. But now, the scenario is totally different.

Hair grease or pomades are considered good for hair for their new and improved ingredients. Greases now can moisturize and can provide nutrients for hairs.

So, if you don’t have enough time to take care of your hair, consider using a good quality pomade for ease.

  • Ease of Washing

Wave greases are infamous for their stickiness. But we got over that too. The new, improved water or gel-based greases are easy to wash off.

They are the best of both worlds because you can get great waves with water-based greases, but again you can go and wash it off with just water.

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Top 5 Best black hair Wave Grease – The best wave cream for black hair

We have made up a list of the best wave cream for black hair for your assistance. Our list is based on extensive market research and user reviews. Here are the five best hair pomades for black hair currently available in the market.

1. Premium Wave Butter

The ColdLabel Premium Wave Butter is one of the most nutrient-rich hair greases available right now in the market. The oil in the butter provides a natural sheen with a non-greasy outlook.

Also, the hair grease ensures the maximum hair wave. It conditions its hair, making it soft and just a bit strong enough to hold its shape. So you do not have to worry about your hair drying out or falling off.

This fantastic hair product can be your one stop solution to your problems.



Premium Wave Butter

The premium wave butter is an economical option to consider. You just need a marble-sized amount for your whole head. That’s it. You will get a great wave on your entire head. That makes the premium wave butter one of the best wave pomades for black hairs.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% petroleum-free.
  • No mineral oil.
  • No white paraffin.
  • No artificial colors.
  • No lanolin.
  • Used organic beeswax.


See The Premium Wave and Scalp Butter On Amazon



2. Ocean View Hair Pomade

Ocean View Hair Pomade is a fantastic lily fragranced hair grease. The hair grease comes in the form of cream.  This item is famous for 360 hair wave patterns.

This is one of the best wave creams for black hair currently available in the market.  This hair grease is extremely easy to use; from beginner to pro, anyone can use it with ease. Though this is not the best part of this excellent wave grease.

Any kind of hair cream or pomade can be a pain because they are hard to wash off. But this Ocean View Hair Pomade is a fantastic one in that sense. It is effortless to wash off. So no sticky messy hair for you if you use this hair pomade.




Ocean View Hair Pomade

The Ocean view hair pomade is really efficient in creating flawless 360 waves on black hairs as well. You are sure to get fine 360 waves on your hair if you apply this fantastic wave grease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect Wave Pattern.
  • Great for All Stages.
  • Water-Based Wave Pomade.
  • Easy To Apply.
  • Easy To Wash Off.
  • Superior Hold on All Hair Types.
  • Great Smell.

See The Ocean View Hair Pomade On Amazon



3. S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade

Here is one of the best hair grease available for you currently in the market. The S-Curl 360 Control Pomade is a great hair cream for waves. You can get great 360 waves with the help of this pomade.

This product is ideal for natural hairs. Also, the shea-butter is engineered to ensure the hardest holds for your hair. Will keep your hair both stylist and moisturized as well.

The wave pomade is nongreasy and easily cleanable. It won’t be stuck on to your hair like your last toxic relation. Get full control of your hair with the s-curl 360.



S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade

The s-curl 360 hair grease has the highest longevity on your hair. You can use this at 7 in the morning and stay the whole day that your hair won’t smudge. If you are a super busy guy and need a whole-day hair solution, pick this one up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Good on thicker coarse hair.
  • Its semi thick
  • Can be use multiple ways
  • Has a nice smell.

See The S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade On Amazon


4. Drip Strong Hold Pomade

The Drip Strong Hold Pomade comes in a beautiful gel form. It has a solid fragrance that will level up your confidence at once. Also, this product is known for its stronghold ability.

So if you are looking for an all-day hair wave cream, the Drip Strong Hold is for you. They are becoming popular for their hair waves for their extended holding capabilities.

The grease can hold your hair waves perfectly for hours. The Drip pomade is really reliable too as it will not disappoint you once. You will get the exact result every time you apply this gel to your hair.

Fantastic waves on your hair all day long.  But the best stuff about this hair grease simply does not end right here.


Some prefer a 24 hours wet look on their hair. The Drip Strong Hold Pomade is a suitable option for them. This particular hair grease is known for its stronghold capabilities and keeps a wet look for your hair.

So, if you like to rock a wet hair aesthetic throughout the day, The Drip Strong Hold Pomade is the answer.

See The Drip Strong Hold Pomade On Amazon


5. WaveBuilder Hair Care Kit

We were talking about single products till now. Now we present you with a hair care kit for getting those subtle waves on your hair. The WaveBuilder Hair Care Kit is a complete hair care kit dedicated to your hair waves.

The hair care kit contains a wave-saving shampoo, a wave cream, and a wave-forming pomade. All the fantastic hair care kit items are dedicated to ensuring perfect 360 waves on your hair.

So, let’s talk about why this kit is so great. Usually, when you wash away your hair grease, you lose the perfect wave of your hair as well. But if you are using this wave kit, then the shampoo you are using will also help you to retain your waves.

And the cream will curl up your hair so that you will look stunning in a 360 wave.

If you want your hair to shine on like a crazy diamond, you can use the WaveBuilder Hair Care kit. The kit comes along with a cream, a shampoo, and most importantly, grease.

The grease is strong, stiff. On top of that, it adds a fantastic shine to your hair.


WaveBuilder Hair Care Kit


See The WaveBuilder Hair Care Kit On Amazon


6. Murray’s Wave Pomade

Are you a person who always runs late? Never get enough time to set your waves properly? Here is a perfect product for you. Introducing Murray’s Wave Pomade. This is the fastest wave grease we found from our research.

The Murray Wave Pomade is an oil-based thicc wave grease that has a very long hold power.  It will stay on your hair the whole day and will hold its shape until you reach your home.

This pomade is a favorite of hair specialists left and right for their sharpness. It set waves fast and easy.  So, if you are a busy guy, then this is the pomade for you. The thickness of the pomade will make sure your hair stays in place and also strong to go a whole day.

But it comes with a toll as well. Water is not enough to cut through the thickness of the pomade. You will have to shampoo and condition every time you apply this hair grease. So think before you grab one.



See The Murray’s Wave Pomade On Amazon


7. Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade

A common allegation against hair greases is they make the hair hard and dry. Dry hair can harm your scalp even can cause infection on your scalp. So if you want grease, which will both provide you with fine waves and will moisturize your hair, too, this entry is for you.

Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade is a wonderful styling product that will keep your hair soft, hydrated, and, most importantly, styled. This cream is made up of great ingredients like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter.

This hair pomade is made explicitly for curly hair men. When you apply this hair grease on your hair, it will not be traceable. Ensures an all-natural look all the way. And this wonderful hair grease smells great too.



See The Cantu Shea Butter Pomade On Amazon


8. Suavecito Pomade

Generally, water-based pomades stay on the side racks because they are not popular for their hold powers. But the Suavecito Pomade is here to prove this myth wrong. This water-based pomade has some serious strengths.

The grease is strong enough to produce extra curvy waves on short hairs. For the best possible outcome, use the Suavecito Pomade on dry hair. The pomade is extremely easy to use as well.

The pomade also has a subtle fragrance to it. It smells like cologne and just the right amount of it.  You do not have to worry about the smell being too powerful.

The smell is just how much it needs. As this is water-based grease, the product is not greasy and oily on your hair. On top of everything, the grease gives you a medium shine finish on your hair.



See The Suavecito Pomade On Amazon


9. As I Am Double Butter Cream

It would be really fun if a grease could do both styling and moisturizing of hair, right? Look no further. “As I Am Double Butter Cream” is just that. This is a pomade with additional benefits of moisturizers.

The pomade is a gel-like substance. So the product is easy to reach the roots of the hair and can moisturize both roots and hair.  As both roots and hair are moisturized, your hair looks tender and healthy.

So the main thing now, it can achieve good quality hair waves. If you ask us, yes, it does. The grease is strong and easy to work with. You won’t have any problems having a fine all-day wave on your hair with this wonderful pomade.




See The As I Am Cream On Amazon


10. Uppercut Monster hold Pomade

Presenting you the strongest hair grease of the bunch, the Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade. You can easily guess from its name what you are getting into. The uppercut pomade is a traditional hair grease made of oil or commonly known as wax grease.

This product comes from the dry country of Australia. The pomade gives you a medium shine for short, hard hair. It has the reputation to tame the hardest and the messiest of hairs and stylize without any problems.

Also, the way is sweat resistance. So, you do not have to worry if you have a sweaty scalp.

This is an economical option for your hair. The uppercut monster hold is so strong you will have to use it only once a day, and you are good to go. If you have hard-to-maintain, dry hairs, consider this hair grease a possible investment for your waves.



See The Uppercut Pomade On Amazon


Watch How to Choose the Best Wave Grease

Best Black Hair Wave Grease Buyer Guide

If you want a beautiful wave pattern on your hair, you will need the best wave to pomade your black hair. In this era of mass marketing, there are thousands of products available in the market.

Though many products allow us to pick the best suited for us, it never ensures the product’s quality.

However, we have tried to guide you to choose the great wave grease for black hair for your assistance. We will guide you step by step o pick the perfect pomade for your hair. I hope you will find it much helpful.

Step 1

You can’t know the medicine without knowing the disease. Just like that, in our road to get the perfect hair grease, you have to know what type of hair you have.

This is the first stepping stone before choosing your next best wave grease.

Different manufacturers manufacture different sorts of pomades. They come for each different hairstyle, length, or type before jumping to a conclusion. Examine your hair.

Get to know its strength and weakness. This is essential info. This will help you to select the Great wave grease for yourself.

Step 2

In the next step, you have to select what kind of grease you want to use. Generally, there are two types of pomades available in the market. One is water-based grease, and the other is oil-based grease.

They both have their bells and whistles and their bags and baggage as well. FOr instance, the water-based wave greases are more comfortable to wash off, where the oil-based grease adds extra strength to the hair.

Before buying, you have to read carefully between the lines. The various features like matte/glossy finish, ingredients, hold strength, application rules, damage prevention, fragrance, etc. are written.

This will help you get an overview of what you are getting. Also, you can make sure that the grease is legit for your hair as well.

Step 3

Read the Ingredients label with much care. This step is the most crucial of all. The ingredient label is the most trustworthy indicator of grease.

If it’s good or not. For example, if you have allergies to any of the contained ingredients, you will know about it beforehand.

So, knowing what you have in your hands is helpful for further use in the future.

Step 4

As we know, price does not always ensure quality. On the other hand, cheap products can contain harmful elements. It is smart to go in between them.

Maintain a balance between price and quality while looking for your next best hair grease. As it will make sure that you are not overpaying or getting a low-grade product as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Wave Grease?

To be completely honest, there is no direct answer to this question. As we all are entirely different creatures, our hairs are not the same also. Every person’s hair has a different need.

It could really be possible that the best-selling hair grease is not suited to your hair. So, get hair grease for hair waves according to your own needs.

What wave grease works the best?

The wave grease is best suited for your hair, works the best. Choose a wave grease according to your hair.

If you have dry hair try to use moisturizing wave grease. So it will keep your hair healthy and provide nutrients to it. Most hair experts recommend the moisturizing hair greases.

And if you have sweaty scalps, stronghold grease is for you. As strong holds tend to dry out your calp, and gives a clean and stylish finish all the way.

Moisturizing greases generally add a shine to hair, but the stronghold does not always add a shine. Whichever you pick, make sure the product is suitable for your particular hair. Unless it can lead to permanent hair fall as well.

How to Apply Hair Grease on Hair?

Step 1- Clean or condition your hair correctly.

Step-2 Damp your hair with a towel.

Step 3 Take grease on the palm of your hand, blend it, then apply it with your fingertips.

Step 4 Air dry your hair and straighten your hair and do your usual style.

How to get waves in your hair?

Learning how to get waves in your hair may sound like a very complicated matter. However, it is not as complex as you may think it is. The real key to learning how to get waves in your hair is to know what is causing the waves and how to deal with it.

Most people will pay a hair stylist several hundred dollars to come in and give them advice on this topic, but all they really do is rip out their hair, which could take years to grow back.

The reason you want to learn how to get waves in your hair is so that your hair is more defined when it grows.

One of the best ways to get more defined hair when you grow it long is to get the hair you have always had cut at a low rate, then start regrowing your hair at a much higher rate.

This will create a lot more wave action in your hair, giving it a much more defined look than ever before. This is a method that a lot of professional hair stylists use to get their clients’ hairs to grow long in a much faster pace.

The best way to learn how to get waves in your hair is to first find a good professional who can help you achieve this goal. The next step is to find a product that has high amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as heat protectants in it.

These will help make sure that your hair follicles are getting the nutrients that they need from your roots. Once you find a product like this, the next step is to start doing a little research on the internet.

There are quite a few products that are available online for you to try. If you do your research properly, you should be able to find the perfect formula that is right for you and your type of hair.


We hope our article has been helpful and made it easy to choose your next grease for your hair. There are many items for waves available in the market.

Choose the one suitable for your particular hair because unsuited products can take a permanent toll on your hair. So choose wisely.

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